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  If you want technical assistance for a particular problem, identify the problem in the form below giving the
  specifics.  We will assign a case # and respond to your issue with our  recommendations, terms and Pay Pal
  invoice.  If you agree to the terms, you can purchase the technical details of the service by responding to the Pay Pal 
  invoice and submitting payment. If you do not have a Pay Pal account they accept most major credit cards.
  Upon receipt of payment we will send you the technical instructions.

  We will respond by email until the problem is resolved, or for up to 15 days, whichever comes first. If you can't solve the problem with the instructions provided and needed us to come out, we will credit all or a part of the fee paid 
toward the repair. We could also arrange for a live phone conversation during the repair, by appointment, this 
would be a slightly higher fee.


The Technical help information provided by Authorized Appliance Service is intended for use by qualified service
technicians. If you do not possess sufficient mechanical and electrical skills and the ability to follow all safety warnings
 and cautions on the product, in the product literature, and in these materials, do not attempt to undertake the repairs
 that are depicted in the information to be provided.
 Instead, contact a qualified Authorized Appliance Service Technician (click here)

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